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Wrexham Get Promoted


J.J. Pavlick

The anticipation was high around the world as everyone tuned in to see if a team owned by two guys from Hollywood could get promoted in English football's structure of Promotion and Relegation. Well, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney entered the match needing just 1 victory and they would have to beat Boreham Wood to do the unthinkable. The Racecourse was filled, and the town and team followers were filled with anxiety and hope waiting for the whistle to start the match and the final whistle at the same time.

The game started rough for Wrexham and its supporters with Boreham taking an early 1 - 0 lead just 44 seconds after kickoff Lee Ndlovu turned excitement into nail-biting. Losing would mean the team would need to win its final game to avoid the playoffs again. The memories of last season could be seen entering supporters' minds. No one wanted to see Welcome to Wrexham season 2 end the same way the first season did.

Elliot Lee sent the world ablaze when he tied the match at 1 - 1 in the 15th minute of play. Getting on the end of a beautiful cross from the wing and heading it into the net near the 2nd post. It was a spectacular finish by the young forward in a big moment for his club. The Englishman didn't let his side down and brought new life into the Racecourse, you could see co-owner Ryan Reynolds letting out a huge sigh of relief when the ball went in and cheering his club on.

Then it happened the man, the myth, the legend of Wrexham, they will one day build statues for the man "Supper Paul Mullin" went on to do what he does best scoring amazing goals from anywhere he wants. Mullin from the top corner of the box went cross goal inside the 2nd post with a rocket of a shot sending 10,126 inside the Racecourse into a tizzy in the 52'. He sent joy throughout the lands when his ball hit the back of the net. The Hollywood story of promotion was now truly in sight. The pure joy on the faces of co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny was priceless to watch. "Antman" star Paul Rudd was in attendance to watch his friend's club try to do the impossible 15 years to the day when the club was relegated to the National League.

Fans were ecstatic and counting down till the final whistle, the closer it got to 90' you could feel the optimism but also the question of if this was real. So much time left to play will the lads hold on? Then in typical Paul Mullin fashion, he does it again in the 71' when he finds the ball in space and takes his defender 1 v 1 into the box and, lets off a pure laser hitting inside the 2nd post in almost identical fashion as his first goal of the match. The goal sent Wrexham, the Racecourse, and the world into pandemonium. For Mullin, it was his 47th goal of the season and the biggest goal in Wrexham's modern history with its new owners. The storybook tale has been written into stone now and will forever be known throughout the lands.

Ryan and Rob with their business partner Humphrey Ker, had done what many doubted they could do. They made the world care about a small mining town in Wales, a town that has seen success and despair. They have brought joy and fame and they did as they promised the day, they bought the club from the fan trust. Now they will start to build for League Two and its unique challenges and much-welcomed financial support. It's truly amazing how the two boys from Hollywood who entered into this arraignment as strangers are now brothers and they made the world feel sadness that turned to joy in such a short period. They bought the club in 2021 while the world was still dealing with Covid and trying to figure out what the new norms of life would be. In 2023 they lift the National League trophy, 15 years from the day the team was relegated into the league. They made a show about the team something never done before, and it was such a hit that the little merchandise shop still struggles to this day to keep merchandise in stock for the world to buy. The show is entering its second season and will have a great storyline that will surely lead to an even bigger fan base. They created a streaming service for the Nations League something unheard of before they bought Wrexham, they never backed down no matter how much they were told it can't be done. They got Wrexham on ESPN+ and that opened the floodgates to get a streaming service for the National League.

What is next for Wrexham as a small town in Wales with a huge fanbase that spans the globe now? It will be fun to see what Ryan, Rob, and Humphrey have in store for us all. They will be touring the United States in July which is sure to bolster the fan base and create more of a frenzy. So far, they have legendary clubs Manchester United and Chelsea on the Tour schedule along with a tournament featuring past and current players from the premier league and Wrexham.

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