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Welcome to NY Aaron Rodgers


J.J. Pavlick

Aaron Rodgers Press Conference
Aaron Rodgers Photo Credit NY Jets NFL

A new era has been ushered into the NY metropolitan area and it involves NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers who officially joined the Jets. Aaron was excited to meet the NY media and his new bosses today. He quickly points out his relationship with offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, whose playbook Rodgers knows well. He also let the world know he will not be wearing his usual number 12 jersey, when asked he stated, "That Jersey belongs to Broadway Joe."

Aaron Rodgers showing off his new number 8.
Aaron Rodgers Number 8 Photo Credit NY Jets NFL

Aaron also made mention of the lonely super bowl trophy in the case from Super Bowl 3. He said it could use some friends to keep it company. Aaron plans on spending the week to find a new place to live, will take part in practice tomorrow, and looks forward to meeting his new teammate and start planning fun events to start the team bonding.

He also mentioned it's a one-year deal and he won't know about extending past that until the season is over and he has time to listen to his body. He did mention he has receipts to prove the Green Bay Packers never reached out to him prior to announcing that they have moved on from him at quarterback. Heads up MSG you may have superstar Aaron Rodgers and crew invading the building soon with the way the Knicks and Rangers have been playing.

Aaron looks forward to scheduling interviews with the New York media and getting to know everyone. He made several mentions of the press's reputation in New York, and he looks forward to the dialogue and discussions this season.

Aaron Rodgers holding on to his new jersey number 8 for the New York Jets
Aaron Rodgers Number 8 Photo Credit NFL NY Jets

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