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J.J. Pavlick


Today’s game is huge for the United States now that Wales was defeated by Iran by 2 goals. The U.S. needs to get a positive result either a tie or win to have hopes of moving on to the knockout stages. A loss makes the Iran game the biggest game of their lives and will not be a pushover game for them. Iran did what the U.S. failed to do put up multiple goals on Wales and finish them off. The ironic thing is Iran could’ve won by an even bigger margin, but the post got them a few times today. The U.S. needs to come into today’s match with England and play like a loss sends them home. They should by no means play for a tie, you never want to play scared against any opponent. History isn’t on your side when you play that style.

The United States has played well during the first half. They created a number of chances in the first 45 plus extra time. Pulisic with the best chance of the half hitting the crossbar from 16 yards out. McKinnie had an open net but a heavy touch sent the ball flying past the goal into the stands. Matt Turner made some big saves and was fired up.

Second half the US continues to press the back line of England to start the half. They’re just missing that final touch for the biggest goal of their lives. Tyler Adam’s with a great 30 yard sprint to stop Saka from getting a shot on the goal. The US counters and Pulisic’s shot goes just wide. The U.S. has been the better team this match. England came on strong during the final 15 minutes. Matt Turner refused to break and smothered each chance that came his way. The U.S. with one final try in extra time. Pulisic takes it but plays it short instead of in the box, not sure why and the Center referee blows the whistle to end the match.

Overall opinion if the U.S. had played this way against Wales they would be through. Instead they now need a win against Iran and pad the stats for extra measure. Goal difference could play a big role if things unfold a certain way.

Reminder the U.S. is back in action on Tuesday 11/29 @ 2 pm. Wales vs England will be the same day and time.

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