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The FIFA Women's World Cup Draw

By JJ Pavlick 10/22/22

The draw was conducted early this morning at the nice time of 2 am on the east coast of the United States of America. However, a journalist never gets to sleep (joking, not really) we do the job to bring the world the news. The show put on by the host countries was entertaining and I greatly enjoyed it even while sleep deprivation was setting in. They mixed both countries' histories and cultures into the show well and showed why both countries were deserving of the honor. Alexi Lalas before the draws said, "Watch my hands tonight, I have something special planned" He was entertaining and seeing him and Ian Wright banter back and forth was hilarious. The draws went pretty smooth only a few had to be moved from the expected landing spot due to restrictions placed in this world cup on how teams can be grouped. Under FIFA’s standard rule, no group could include more than one team from the same qualifying zone except Europe, which will have 11 teams in the tournament – and possibly 12 teams pending the results of the Inter-Confederation Play-Off. Each group, therefore, had to have at least one European team but no more than two. As a result, three of the eight groups – A, D, and G -- have two European teams.

Listed below are the groupings:

The United States will open their group play against Vietnam making their World Cup debut, then they will take on the Netherlands and finish off against the Group A Playoff Winner. Currently, that appears to be Portugal. The group is not the toughest out there and the U.S. should make it out without a struggle, Portugal could play spoiler but given Vietnam is brand new and the history of victories the U.S. has over the Netherlands we should be good. All of the matches for the United States will be played in New Zealand till the knockout round starts. 271 Days to go!!!

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