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Red Bull fell to Cincinnati FC late

By JJ Pavlick


Today starts the MLS playoffs for 2022, the 1st game of the playoffs will feature the NY Red Bull taking on Cincinnati FC in front of a decent crowd at Red Bull Arena. Both teams will have players out due to injury today. For the New York Red Bull OUT: Cam Harper (quad) OUT: Zach Ryan (shoulder) OUT: Cristian Casseres, Jr. (leg) QUEST: Caden Clark (back). For Cincinnati Fc OUT: Beckham Sunderland (concussion protocol) OUT: Kenneth Vermeer (torn pectoral). The two teams have had a history of close games entering today’s match, with both matches ending in 1-1 ties this year. Kickoff for today’s match will be 12:08 p.m. EST. The winner of today’s match will head to Philadelphia to face the Union on Thursday, October 20, 2022, kick-off is scheduled for 8:08 p.m. EST.

The playoffs and 1st half are underway Red Bull will start the game with possession, and both teams are feeling each other out in the opening minute of the match. Both teams are battling to control the midfield. The Red Bull had the 1st solid chance on the goal, but Cincinnati’s Miazga cleared the ball out and started the counterattack. Cincinnati FC earns the first corner kick at the 3-minute mark of the game. The corner is taken by Acosta and quickly picked off by keeper Coronel of New York. Acosta chooses to pass instead of taking the wide-open shot on goal in the 8th minute of the match. Long plays the pass out for a corner kick, Acosta’s corner is easily handled by the Red Bulls. Fernandez tries to split the defenders in the box in the 11th minute, but he gets knocked off the ball for no shot. Cincinnati can’t clear from danger and Edelman draws a foul 35 yards from the goal to the left of the Cincinnati keeper. Nealis takes the kick, headed out by Cincinnati, header finds Fernandez of the Red Bull who volley kicks it onto the goal. Saved by Celentano. Cincinnati counters but can’t produce much, and Coronel easily scoops up the slow roller on the net. In the 15th minute, Morgan blasts a shot just over the crossbar from 19 yards out. Cincinnati got away with one there, Morgan usually gets those on the frame. A couple of minutes later Cincinnati starts to apply pressure to the Red Bulls’ back line, but nothing happens. Acosta is getting a full lecture from the center referee in the 19th minute for kicking the ball away delaying the restart for the Red Bulls. Tolkin takes the free kick and puts it on goal, Celentano saves it but gives up a rebound that’s barely cleared by Hagglund before Manoel could bury it into the back of the goal. Reves wastes a great overlay ball in the 23rd minute of the match, kicking it out for a goal kick. A few minutes later Amaya unleashes a shot from 20 yards out saved cleanly by Celentano. In the 26th minute, Fernandes picks the pocket of Nwobodo at midfield, he makes a great through pass to Manoel who plays it to Luainhas in the box 8 yards from goal, and his shot goes wide of goal. The center referee shows a yellow card to Cincinnati FC’s Matt Miazga for dissent. In the 31st minute, Acosta takes the free kick from 30 yards out, goes wide of goal, and into the stands for a goal kick. In the 37th minute Cincinnati has a 2nd corner kick in a row, the 1st went whizzing past the far post and out for the 2nd corner. This one is wasted by Cincinnati and goes out of the touchline for a throw-in. Both teams are picking up the pressure and just missing that final ball to take the lead. Luainhas takes a complete flop in the box going in on the keeper. The referee makes the correct decision to award the goal kick in the 40th minute. In the 43rd minute, Red Bulls keeper Coronel goes down in the box with apparent cramping. In the 45th-minute #4 Hagglund of Cincinnati is shown a yellow card for a foul just outside the box. Morgan takes the free kick, saved by Celentano, and out for a corner. Tolkin takes the corner, but nothing prevails. The 4th officials announce a minimum of 4 additional minutes to the 1st half. The center referee blows the whistle to end the 1st half 0-0.

The 2nd half gets underway neither team makes any substitutions to start the half. Cincinnati starts the half with the ball. In the 47th minute Manoel earns a corner kick for New York, Morgan takes the corner kick, and finds Long who heads it toward the middle of the box, knocked out for a throw-in by Cincinnati. Goal by #10 Morgan from the Right of the goal with a laser cross net into the upper 90 to give the Red Bulls a 1-0 lead in the 49th minute of play. In the 51st minute, the NY Red Bull bring on #12 D. Nealis for #10 L. Morgan, he appears to have injured himself during the celebration. In the 53rd minute, mark a yellow card is shown to NY #8 Amaya, Free kick is taken, saved by Coronel, out for a corner, and cleared by New York. In the 55th minute, of play, New York’s Luainhas goes down at the midfield after a brutal challenge by Nwobodo. Play resumes in the 58th minute, Cincinnati earns a free kick in the 59th minute far left of the goal, and it goes out for a throw-in, Goal number #21 Miazga, the goal is under review by VAR, goal taken away for offside. The score remains 1-0 Red Bulls in the 63rd minute. In the 68th minute, Cincinnati Fc makes two subs bringing on #7 Y. Kubo and # 11 Sergio Santos, coming off are #93 J. Moreno and #9 Brenner. In the 72nd minute, the NY Red Bull bring on #22 Ngoma for #21 Fernandez. In the 74th minute, Cincinnati FC is awarded a penalty kick, Acosta takes the kick and converts the kick into the lower right corner for a 1-1 tie. In the 78th minute of play, Cincinnati earns a corner kick, the kick is taken by Acosta, who headed out of play for a goal kick. In the 82nd minute, New York makes two substitutions bringing on #6 Duncan and #9 Klimala, coming off #4 Reves and #11 Monoel. In the 84th minute, Cincinnati gets a corner kick, it’s played to Barrel who volleys it toward the goal, misplayed by Coronel who is bailed out by Nealis before the ball can cross the goal line. In the 86th minute, a Goal by #19 Vazques who scored down the middle of the goal on a 1 v 1 with Cornonel. Cincinnati is now leading 2-1 with approximately 3 minutes plus stoppage remaining. A few minutes later New York earns a corner kick, the kick is taken by Tolkin, who finds Nealis, his header is on target but a great save by Celentano keeps it 2-1 Cincinnati. The fourth official announces a minimum of 12 minutes will be added to the 2nd half. In the 90th minute, Cincinnati brings on #28 Gaddis and #22Matarrita, coming off # 2 Powell and #31 Barreal. In the 90+3’ the Red Bulls earn a corner kick; nothing comes of it. In the 90+5’ New York’s Klimala takes a shot from 4 yards out saved by Celentano. The next minute Cincinnati FC makes a sub bringing on #32 Murphy for #20 Cameron. The referee issues a yellow card to #11 Santos of Cincinnati after a hard foul on Long at the 20-yard mark. Tolkin takes the kick and sails it over the goal in the 100th minute of play. In the 103rd minute, a yellow card was issued to #28 Gaddis of Cincinnati. The center referee blows the final whistle and Cincinnati will move on to play Philadelphia on Thursday.

The Red Bull fall again in the 1st round of the playoffs and now the questions will start about if the team will re-sign Aaron Long. It will be an interesting offseason for Red Bull who are desperate to find the personnel to escape the 1st round.

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