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NYCFC taken on Charlotte at Citifield


J.J. Pavlick

When these two sides meet it's always a close affair, this season both sides have struggled to build any momentum on the season, and as we approach the All-Star break and the new Leagues Cup break this match will be big for both sides.

Charlotte will look to start the match off fast and jump out to an early lead and then dictate the pace of the rest of the match. For NYCFC they will try to make Charlotte play their game, the struggles for NYCFC have been similar to their tri-state rival the NY Red Bulls lack of scoring and mental lapses.

Photo Credit: © Mark Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Charlotte came out strong and fast at the start of the match, in the 7' Enzo Copetti strikes a beautiful ball but hits the post and stays out of the goal. Ashley Westwood set him up, and Copetti will want that one back for sure. He knows he needs to be better on that ball in that situation.

In the 10' Ledezma finds Talles Magno who takes a shot with his right foot; however, it goes right to the Charlotte keeper, and he scoops up the easy save. Like Copetti, Magno will surely want that back. He needs to finish there and give his side the early lead. The scoring woes continue for New York. Both sides have now had brilliant chances going to the waste side early on in the match.

Charlotte wouldn't be denied long as they find the back of the net in the 17' when Gaines finds a lost ball at the top of the 18, Justin Haak failed to clear the ball and Gaines made him pay the price going top shelf 2nd post for the 1 - 0 lead early.

Enzo Copetti goes down due to an injury; he would be subbed off after treatment in the 31' for Justin Meram.

Cufre and Magno would each get a chance at the goal before halftime but were denied by the Charlotte goalkeeper.

The second half would see the boys in blue from NYC come alive, they created numerous chances once Pereira subbed on in the 62' along with Segal and Turnbull in the 72'. Turnbull opened up the Charlotte back line with deadly runs down the right flank.

Stephen Turnbull's runs would pay off for the club in the 81' when the backline of Charlotte went with Turnbull on his run down the right flank, leaving Cufre wide open top of the box coming in from the left flank. Cufre didn't miss the opportunity and tied the match at 1 - 1 after going upper 90 1st post just under the crossbar and inside the near post.

The match would end in a 1 - 1 tie, Charlotte will be disappointed they didn't capitalize on the kill shots early on and for NYCFC they will be happy to get a point but they're longing for a desperate win.

Photo Credit: © Mark Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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