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NYCFC Steals a Point Late in Stoppage Time


J.J. Pavlick


It's odd saying that NYCFC is in must-win territory but with a legend like Leo Messi entering the league for bottom-feeding Inter Miami in the next few weeks every point before he arrives is crucial for the non-playoff teams. The more room NYCFC can create between themselves and Miami the better. Let's be real when Messi enters the league will be fearing Inter Miami, he is talented enough to take them to the promised land by himself and no other team has that type of player. Worth noting the home team has won each of the last four matches between these two teams. NYCFC is winless in their last eight league matches (3 draws and 5 Loses) which is the team's second-longest losing streak, the team's longest is eleven matches back in 2015. The support group calls for Nick Cushings to be fired during the National Anthem.

New York starts off playing sloppy possession soccer, missing runs and lay-off passes inside the final third. NY is thanking the soccer gods for removing Alexandru Matan's finishing skills on his wide-open attempt from just above the penalty mark. We now know why in three seasons the man's scored just once despite being an attacking midfielder.

Columbus should be ahead in this match by a score of 2 - 0, unfortunately, both Matan and Hernandez missed their gifted chances in the first half of play.

Talles was trying during the first half, unfortunately, for him, his reading of the backline was a bit off three times. The one time he did get it right his tap-in attempt went wide of the 1st post.

Pereira also had a golden chance but his header in the 36' missed wide of the first post. For Nick Cushings, there isn't much left on the bench offensively. He is already taking heat for a situation he didn't create; fans are starting to turn on him and honestly, there is no justification for it given he has the 2nd youngest roster in the league ahead of only New York's other team the Red Bull. The halftime speech should be interesting along with the response from it.

Diving Save
Photo Credit: Joe from Net Republic

The Columbus Crew strike first in the 48' when Alexandru Matan split the back line and went in 2 v 0 with teammate Christian Ramirez. Alexandru sent a well-driven low pass across the box and Ramirez buried it low corner of the 2nd post. NY was caught sleeping on the throw-in that led to the run on the goal. Columbus has the 1 - 0 lead and is making life miserable for the boys in blue. Columbus with another Golden chance in the 58' but a mishit sent the ball into the stands instead of the back of the net where it should've been placed fairly easily. Yankee Stadium is dead quiet, you can hear a pin drop right now inside, with plenty of soccer still to play. Are we witnessing the end of the Nick Cushings era in New York? Don't get me wrong the problems with NYCFC are not on Nick Cushings, they're solely on the Sporting Director who moved all their pieces overseas for big dollars. Now fights are breaking out inside the supporter's section of NYCFC. NYPD swarming the area with security, a nice tackle by NYPD in the section. NYPD making their presence felt in the left center section of Yankee Stadium. Oh, and the 4th official indicated a minimum of 6' will be added. In the 90'+4' Gabe Segal finds just enough room inside the 1st post to tie the game and steal a point. It was a sensational goal by the youngster to bring the scoreline level. The fans have mixed reactions to the result today and one can't blame them. When it comes to NYCFC winning and championships are the expectations no matter who wears the crest. This year has seen a very vulnerable NYCFC side and it's an extremely young side, the second youngest and fans seem to forget that at times. Calling for Nick's head isn't the solution, it's just the American thing to do, and well that doesn't make it the proper move. In fact, it makes it the wrong move, people much higher up than Nick are to blame for the age and experience of the roster this season. Nick is about as low on that blame list as you can go. It's not always the manager or their tactics sometimes it's the money spenders who are the problem.

(Photo Credit: Joe from Net Republic)

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